Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance protects you where your other insurance policies stop. It provides you with an extra layer of protection in case of a serious accident and comes in two forms:

Personal Umbrella Insurance
If you are sued because of serious damage done in an accident in your vehicle or on your property, personal umbrella insurance can help cover the difference in what you owe versus what your normal insurance policies will pay. It protects your home, wages, investments and vehicles from being lost as a result of a lawsuit.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance
Accidents happen and sometimes they are out of our control. But protecting your commercial interests with commercial umbrella insurance can go a long way to giving you back some sense of control. If you are sued because of injuries , damages or deaths on your business property or in the course of conducting a business function, umbrella insurance can cover the difference between the judgement against you and what your other policies will pay. It can even cover expenses you face if your business fails to provide appropriate services to a client. Protect your business profits and assets with commercial umbrella insurance.